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Film Director

Dror Moreh

Dror Moreh (Hebrew: דרור מורה ‎; born 4 November 1961) is an Israeli cinematographer and director. His film The Gatekeepers (2012) was nominated for...

Mohamed Zran

Mohamed Zran (born 23 August 1959) is a Tunisian film director and screenwriter. His film Le casseur de pierres was screened in the Un...

Erik Poppe

In June 2017 it was announced that Erik Poppe had worked for a year on developing a feature film about the 2011 terrorist attack...

Yuri Bykov

Yuri Aleksandrovich Bykov (Russian: Юрий Александрович Быков ; born 11 January 1963) is a Russian professional football manager and a former player.

Nahid Persson Sarvestani

Her most famous documentary films are Prostitution Behind the Veil, My Mother – A Persian Princess, The End of Exile, and The Last Days...

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